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Although there was a time the population plummeting down
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Author:  xingwang [ Wed Jan 23, 2019 10:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Although there was a time the population plummeting down

The Crawler will speed up or slow down to match your pace, so you don't have to worry too much about it rushing ahead, and once it reaches the end of that section of map you'll have a boss battle, after which the path you've taken will be lit up. You can then run back and forth along it in safety, venturing out into the darkness if you spot something particularly shiny .

You can upgrade the Crawler as you progress, and you'll hit different biomes, each of which will offer specific loot. You'll use new socketable currency and crafting items, and play around with new skills. Essentially, there are loads of reasons to play it, and you can read about all of them in Steven's extended preview here. And, like the rest of the game, it's completely free.

As Path of Exile has become a hit after the debut of new Betrayal League, Grinding Gear Games is already getting a taste of the advantage of flourishing likability. Now the company has made up its own mind and stopped at nothing to peddle their profitable in-game contents and peripheral products - what kind of measures did the company deploy to promote the products? Are those eventually harmful to the game or not? Let's find it out.

As the achievement that the massive influx of concurrent players happened to Path of Exile since the debut of new Betrayal League on December 10th has been firmly preserved by now, the creator Grinding Gear Games now is gradually shifting the company's priority to another territory - in-game microtransactions. Actually, it's beyond reproach for any company to exploit their enormous followers' population, if there is one, for profitable objectives. However, Grinding Gear Games suspiciously seems to be hasty and push too far when it comes to making a fast buck. Reflecting on the latest sales promotion the company embarked on, you will come to realize that the truth is always self-evident.

Path of Exile really has made its way up to a high standing in the industry. Been launched for five years by now, there are certain periods of time that the game should glory in, but none of them is qualified to be competitive with the success of today. Based on the analysis of collected data, Path of Exile still keep up the great population of concurrent players on Steam that have never been seen in last five years. Although there was a time the population plummeting down and hit bottom at near 13,000, it immediately rebounded and back to normal at 46,000 with an hour. Generally speaking, Path of Exile has been hanging on the good grade under new Betrayal League's tutelage. Many hopes that the game will live up to the industry's expectations by breaking its current record shortly.
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